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How To Understand Employees Satisfaction Level

Measuring employee satisfaction accurately tells you how your team really feels. You can use that information to improve all these things.

•Employee retention:-If they are not happy for you then it is difficult to keep employees around you. Satisfied employees are less likely to leave a separate job.

• Productivity:-It makes sense that disgruntled employees should not put as much effort into work as they are actually happy with their jobs. Satisfied dissatisfied employees are twice as productive as their

disgruntled colleagues.

4 methods of measuring employee satisfaction

1)Conduct employee satisfaction surveys:-

This is one of the best method. You will get a baseline measurement and more information about the likes and dislikes of employees. Tools like Google Forms are easy to use, or you can opt for more specialized programs like Office Vibe.

We will talk more about the particular software later. For now, just make sure your survey software is easy to set up, easy to use for your team, and feedback can be kept 100% anonymous.

2) Do regular resource check-ins.

Employees need the right tools and resources to do their work. Imagine how frustrating it must be if your job was to make coffee, but the coffee machine was straight from the 1990s.Connecting employees with the right resources leads to a more connected workforce and a better employee experience. When employees feel equipped and empowered, they take more responsibility.

3)Align company benefits with employee satisfaction.

Everyone loves to love But benefits alone do not increase employee satisfaction or engagement.

Try to work closely with HR and other business units to find out which employees are overdue for leave and which tasks can be done remotely from time to time.

When your employees spend all their extra time at work, encourage some downtime, as burn-out does not lead to effectiveness. According to Gallup; ‘People who work too many hours and do not take days off for holidays increase their stress levels in contrast to those who work flexible hours or who have opportunities to work from home.

4)Let them suggest it.

Do not underestimate the power of the suggestion box. If you are not asking them you will never feel what your employees are feeling and thinking. While you won't necessarily be able to get deep insights, this will give you the opportunity to improve on the small stuff.

It is important for employees to feel that their employer is concerned about their well-being, not as it relates to working. When they feel that their challenges are being resolved, this can lead to higher productivity and a feeling of satisfaction.


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