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We are on my mission that, by 1st Jan 2024, our group company will increase the net profit of 25k companies by 30% and also grow 100k employees' happiness to a level where they will agree that their happiness score is 80 out of 100 in our surveys. While doing this, we also aim that 10,000 jobless individuals will get a job by our consultants' help which will pull their families out of difficult situations.

We are group of industries leading consultants and entrepreneurs working together to change the society and business conditions 


- Shalav Daftuar, 
Chief Mentor, Organization's Profit & Employees' Happiness Consulting Services


Employees' Happiness

Uncountable management researches, survey, case studies points to the fact that organization's bottom-line is directly linked with Employees' Happiness. A sustain growth is not possible without it. Please write to us to discuss more on this.


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Happy employees are essential to sustaining business results. A company with engaged employees outperforms those without by 170%. 


At we will help generate experiences that engage your employees. Are you wondering how our partnership can benefit your organization? These are some of the steps we take to prioritize employee engagement:


  1. Develop and implement strategies that create employee awareness, commitment, and action. 

  2. Design employee communication plans and track to check if they align to business objectives through meaningful metrics. 

  3. Obtain employee questions and feedback via well-developed processes. 

  4. Align the mission of the organization to the employees' goals. 

  5. Inspire and instill a sense of pride among your employees. 


 An engaged workforce is a highly productive workforce. Why wait? Prioritize employee happiness today by partnering with 

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Employees' Productivity

A system development is critical to get employees' productivity. We build system right from Mission, Vision and Values to Strategic Planning, Department Goals, KPIs, Job Descriptions, SOPs, till Daily To-Do List. Be taking an organization on these path in an acceptable mode, we build a certain way to reach the goals. Please write to us to discuss further.

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The success of any organization depends on how the employees use their time and pull their weight. To work well within the organization a polished set of communication and influencing skills are required. However, do you believe your team members have what it takes to make the most of their time and resources?


Working within a team can be challenging for anyone. Achieving results for an ongoing project, coordinating among members and meeting deadlines is tough. As technology advances at a rapid pace, employees must upskill and adapt to the changing work environment. They need new social and communication skills. The team's productivity will suffer if the employees have no training in concepts such as problem-solving, and team-building. 


At, our goal is to help teams and their members develop their communication skills and influencing skills to make sure their work counts. Honing these skills will give the employees' performance a boost. It will also increase the impact they have when dealing with colleagues, managers, and stakeholders. 


“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower. 


Want to motivate your employees and see how it impacts their performance?


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Business Profit

TOC and other proven business principals guides organizations to focus on right way to grow. We study the gap in an organization and then develop a game to plan using world's leading management concepts and our proprietary models to have a certain success. Let's chat to have our profit making strategies designed for your organization. Please write to us to discuss further.

Read more about our services below:

HappyPeople2Profit helps your organization get into the profit making zone. Be it a new startup or an established company, we might priove be the last piece of the puzzle you need for your organization. Time is money is a concept of the past. Employees’ happiness is money is the new mantra for the present and the future. These are ten formulas we implement:


1.Build Trust:

Imagine Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs for a second. Trust comes at the lower bottom side of the pyramid, while creativity, self-actualization is at the peak. 


The key to a high-performing and happy workforce is in bridging the gap between these needs. If employees are given autonomy and feel trusted to perform their job, it gives them the confidence to be creative and participate in problem-solving. In turn, it makes the employee feel valued and maximizes their contribution. 


We have training programs on topics that range from trust building, problem-solving to effective delegation tactics for managers, and employees, creativity and similar. 


2. Provide Feedback:

Communication is essential for a smooth functioning organization. Employees always like knowing what they did right, and what the scope for improvement is. 


Consistent feedback tends to open up communication between different levels of management. This benefits the managers as well. It gives them more insight into dynamics at work. 


However, feedback is effective only when delivered in the right manner and as a developmental tool. At HappyPeople2Profit, we mentor you to develop ways to implement their feedback systems. Training on how to provide feedback is also there in the play.  


3. Respect your Employees:

Happiness is not assessed based on your status in the society. Overall happiness is assessed by how much one is respected and admired. To foster employee engagement, leveraging the employees' unique skill set is crucial. 


Respect and love shown to your employees goes beyond the projects assigned to an employee. We recommend managers to understand and support employees' commitments outside work. This respect always translates to profit, as their level of engagement and job commitment increases. 


We have sensitivity training for managers to attend, to accommodate and align the employee's goals to that of the organization. 


4.Career Growth Opportunities:

Offering employees opportunities to grow their career renews their job satisfaction, and helps retain top talent. From compensating for their advanced education to internal mentorship programs, the options are endless. 


It helps enhance the employee's skills which benefit the organization. As well as brings about a sense of belongingness. HappyPeople2Profit offers career pathing consulting to help develop a progression plan for employees at the organization. 


5.Share the Mission and Vision:


To ensure an employee is committed to a task, communicate the bigger picture to them. When employees understand how their role helps the project, they are more likely to commit wholeheartedly. 


If an employee's contribution gets lost in translation, they are less likely to care, which in turn reduces productivity. To avoid stalling projects, spend time ensuring employees know the vision and business goals. Your reward? Increased levels of engagement and hence an increased bottomline! 


Our training modules include effective communication on Mission, Vision and Values as part of our training library for your organization. These can be customized depending on your needs and future goals. 


6.Goal Clarity:


Defined goals give employees a map to understand what is desired by their organization and the resources they need. It instills a sense of purpose. 


Lack of goal clarity will only lead to work that does not meet the business standards and hence you will have an unproductive workforce. Engaged employees find their work to be meaningful, which in turn adds to their feelings to add value. Goal clarity had many benefits like reduced turnover and absenteeism. HappyPeople2Profit has consulting and training services available to set each employees’ goals, for managers to communicate it better with employees to avoid any misunderstandings. 


7. Recognize and Reward:

An employee who excels at work is self-motivated and goes above and beyond their job description to perform well. 


Engagement at work is detrimental to retain employees. Employee engagement tools by way of having various recognize and reward for employees reinforces the employee to keep performing well. Bonuses and incentives are part of performance rewards, but what about recognition? 


An employee enjoys recognition among peers for a job well done! How can you recognize high-performing employees? We help design a reward and recognition program that is foolproof and assures engagement at work. 


8.In-Person Interactions:

Zoom fatigue is now the talk of the talk. Simply communicating with employees via emails and conference calls leads to a sense of isolation. 


As human beings, we are on the lookout for social connections constantly. Face-to-face communication has become more impersonal and almost nonexistent in some organizations. 


Sometimes, the lack of regular face-to-face interaction may lead employees to feel deflated and lose sight of their purpose. HappyPeople2Profit will help you design modern engagement activities. These activities will not just strengthen the bond within the team but cement it! 


9.Open Communication:

As a manager, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your communication skills? 


Effective managers must develop a rapport with employees and pave the way for open and honest communication with employees. Be straightforward and honest in your communication. 


Open communication is at the core of employee engagement. How can you understand the level of open communication at your organization? We can survey your employees to understand the general perception of the existing communication and then provide the required communication training. We can help turn a mediocre manager into an effective one, in no time!


10. Offer Flexible Work:

Today, work-life balance is what millennials and this is what Gen Y cares about. Remote working has changed the way people work. Employees can get more done and feel empowered working from home. 


Twitter has given employees the option to continue working remotely. A flexible work model leads to increased productivity. Be it telecommuting, a 4-day work week, or a hybrid workforce- we can help you decide on a model that would best suit your organization via valid assessments. 


Want to implement these practices at your organization and have a highly productive workforce? Contact us today on the numbers seen above!

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