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Lucis Pro 6.0 Plug In

Lucis Pro 6.0 Plug In: A Powerful Tool for Image Enhancement

If you are looking for a way to make your images pop with more detail, contrast, and dynamic range, you might want to check out Lucis Pro 6.0, a Photoshop plug-in that uses a patented image-processing technique called Differential Hysteresis Processing. This technique was originally developed to enhance detail in scanning electron microscope images, but it can also be applied to any digital image to create stunning effects.

What is Lucis Pro 6.0?

Lucis Pro 6.0 is the flagship product of Image Content Technology LLC, a company that specializes in image enhancement software. It is an updated and more sophisticated version of LucisArt 3, which is also a Photoshop plug-in that offers similar functionality. However, Lucis Pro 6.0 has some advantages over LucisArt 3, such as:

Download File:

  • It works with 16-bit images, while LucisArt 3 only works with 8-bit images.

  • It has more sliders and options to fine-tune the effect, such as Smooth Detail, Mix With Original, and Color Boost.

  • It has a larger and more accurate preview window that shows the effect in real time.

  • It has a Split Channels feature that allows you to apply the effect to different color channels separately.

  • It has a Batch Processing feature that allows you to apply the effect to multiple images at once.

The main feature of Lucis Pro 6.0 is the Enhance Detail slider, which allows you to increase or decrease the detail in your image by moving it to the left or right. The smaller the number, the more detail you get. The larger the number, the more smoothness you get. You can use this slider to create effects ranging from subtle sharpening to extreme HDR-like effects.

How to use Lucis Pro 6.0?

To use Lucis Pro 6.0, you need to have Photoshop installed on your computer. You also need to have a dongle, which is a small USB device that acts as a security key for the software. You can use Lucis Pro 6.0 on up to three computers with one dongle, and you can buy additional dongles if you need more. The software is updated by patches from the company's website .

Once you have installed Lucis Pro 6.0 and plugged in the dongle, you can access it from the Filters menu in Photoshop. You can then open any image you want to enhance and select Lucis Pro 6.0 from the Filters menu. You will see a window with your image and several sliders and options on the right side.

The first thing you need to do is adjust the Enhance Detail slider to get the desired level of detail in your image. You can also use the Smooth Detail slider to smooth out some of the artifacts or noise that may result from increasing the detail. You can also use the Mix With Original slider to blend the original image with the enhanced image for a more natural look.

If you want to boost or reduce the colors in your image, you can use the Color Boost slider or the Saturation slider. You can also use the Brightness and Contrast sliders to adjust the overall exposure and contrast of your image.

If you want to apply the effect to different color channels separately, you can use the Split Channels feature. This will open three windows with your image in red, green, and blue channels respectively. You can then adjust each channel individually using the same sliders and options as before.

If you want to apply the effect to multiple images at once, you can use the Batch Processing feature. This will allow you to select a folder with your images and apply the same settings to all of them automatically.

What are some examples of Lucis Pro 6.0 effects?

Lucis Pro 6.0 can be used for various purposes and styles, depending on your preference and creativity. Here are some examples of how Lucis Pro 6.0 can enhance your images:

Original Image

Enhanced Image

Settings Used


Enhance Detail: -10Smooth Detail: 0Mix With Original: 0Color Boost: 0Saturation: 0Brightness: 0Contrast: 0

This is a simple example of how Lucis Pro 6.0 can increase the detail and contrast in a landscape photo, making it more vivid and dramatic.

Enhance Detail: -20Smooth Detail: 10Mix With Original: 50Color Boost: 0Saturation: 0Brightness: 0Contrast: 0

This is an example of how Lucis Pro 6.0 can enhance the detail in a portrait photo, especially in the hair and skin, without making it look unnatural or overdone.

Enhance Detail: -30Smooth Detail: 0Mix With Original: 0Color Boost: 50Saturation: 50Brightness: 0Contrast: 0

This is an example of how Lucis Pro 6.0 can create an HDR-like effect in a cityscape photo, bringing out more detail and color in the dark areas and the lights.

Enhance Detail: -40Smooth Detail: 10Mix With Original: 0Color Boost: 100Saturation: 100Brightness: 0Contrast: 0

This is an example of how Lucis Pro 6.0 can create an artistic effect in a flower photo, enhancing the detail and color to the point of abstraction.

Where can I get Lucis Pro 6.0?

If you are interested in getting Lucis Pro 6.0, you can visit the company's website and order it online. The price is $595, but you can get a 15% discount if you use the coupon code "STUCKINCUSTOMS" at the checkout. You will receive a DVD with the software and a dongle that you need to plug into your computer to use it. You can also download patches and updates from the website.

If you want to try Lucis Pro 6.0 before buying it, you can request a free trial from the website. You will receive a link to download the software and a temporary dongle code that will allow you to use it for seven days.


Lucis Pro 6.0 is a powerful tool for image enhancement that can help you create stunning effects with your photos. It is easy to use and offers a lot of flexibility and control over the final result. It works as a Photoshop plug-in and requires a dongle to run. It is a premium-priced product, but it offers unique functionality that can make your images stand out from the crowd.


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