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Shalav Daftuar

Founder & Co-Director


Shalav helps small and medium enterprises build businesses where employees bring profit and also they will like to bring their kids for employment in the future. With this mission, Shalav desires to impact the world.

Michelle Johnson

Business Associate - Europe

Sheetal Chinchkar

Chief Advisor - India

Jennifer Middleton

Chief Advisor - US

Team & About Us:


We are world's group of management experts driving concept of bringing profit for organizations by making their employees and other stake holders happy. We firmly believe that there is no need for one party to lose for other to win. We are truly sincere to achieve this unique balance. 

Our parent company Salahkaar Consultants is into business of management consulting since more than 35 years. We are known brand in many markets of India. 

An ISO 9001:2008 certified Salahkaar Consultants is one of the leading firms in business consulting, HR consulting, training, recruitment, testing, executive educational, HRIS, HR-IT and related solutions in areas of HR, HRD, OD, Industrial Psychology and similar of our expertise.

Salahkaar Consultants was solely set up in 1983 with the aim of providing organizations with specialized Business Management and Human Resource services. Salahkaar Consultants is a specialized wing of the Council of Behavioral Research (CBR), a 30-year old organization devoted to research, publication, training and consulting in the areas of HR, other Behavioral Sciences and General Management.

We have a capability base in Business Management and Human Resource knowledge, ranging from conceptual themes to functional expertise. We constantly strive to integrate human potential with technological advancement. Our strength lies in a successful synthesis of the macro (organizational) and micro (individual) perspectives for the all-round growth of Human Resources.

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