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Shalav Daftuar

Founder & Co-Director


Shalav assists enterprises in creating profitable businesses that not only benefit their employees today but also create a promising future for generations to come. With a strong vision for global impact, Shalav is driving transformative change.

Michelle Johnson

Business Associate - Europe

Michelle is a driving force behind our European market entry. With a strategic vision and dynamic approach, she spearheads business development initiatives that lead to remarkable growth. Her expertise in fostering profitable partnerships and navigating international markets makes her an invaluable asset to our team.

Sheetal Chinchkar

Chief Advisor & Trainer- India

With a wealth of experience in organizational development and a passion for nurturing talent, Sheetal plays a pivotal role in guiding businesses towards success. Her strategic insights and unwavering commitment to empowering teams make her an essential pillar of our mission to transform enterprises into thriving hubs of innovation and productivity.

Jennifer Middleton

Chief Advisor - US

Jennifer brings extensive experience in identifying growth opportunities and forging strategic partnerships. With her keen market insights and a proven track record in expanding businesses, she plays a vital role in driving our mission to enable enterprises to reach new heights of success through strategic expansion and smart acquisitions.

Team & About Us:, a paradigm-shifting entity driven by the vision of fostering profitability and happiness within organizations. Our journey is guided by a powerful belief: that prosperity can be achieved without compromise. We advocate for a harmonious coexistence where every stakeholder thrives, creating a win-win scenario.


As an integral part of the illustrious Salahkaar Consultants family, we inherit a legacy of over three decades in management consulting. We've become a trusted name across various markets, offering a range of specialized Business Management, Outsourcing, Aquation and Human Resource services. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the distinction of being an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.

Being founder member of Council of Behavioral Research (CBR), a pioneering institution dedicated to research, publication, training, and consulting in HR, Behavioral Sciences, and General Management, we've cultivated a profound understanding of the intricate human dynamics that shape organizations.

Our expertise spans from conceptual frameworks to practical applications in Business Management. We're devoted to unifying human potential with technological advancement, aligning the macro (organizational) and micro (individual) perspectives for holistic business growth.

At, our mission is clear: to revolutionize the way organizations flourish. We believe in harnessing the synergy of happiness and profitability, crafting a future where businesses thrive without compromise. This ethos is the driving force behind our every endeavor, as we continue to create success stories that redefine possibilities for business growth, profits and happiness for people associated with the organization.

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