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What Are Employees Key Performance Indicators


Colleagues who collaborate successfully on community projects and programs are commonly regarded as valued members of the team. Employees may demonstrate a clear sense of team engagement in a number of ways, such as:

  • Participating in group brainstorming.

  • Volunteering for roles on team projects.

  • Taking up the slack when necessary.

  • Sharing credit.

  • Supporting others' ideas and approaches.

  • Being willing to step into roles others don’t want.

On the other side, signs of bad teamwork include:

  • An reluctance to take part in community projects.

  • A negative attitude toward the project's goals or methods.

  • There is a lack of interest.

  • Attempts to sabotage community work.

  • An inability to accept credit and a proclivity to assign blame or transfer blame.


Every employee's job needs reliable, effective, and skilled business communication. Employers will consider the following factors when evaluating this skill:

  • Verbal and written correspondence that is clear and succinct.

  • Follow up on voicemail, email, and customer requests as soon as possible.

  • Attitude of openness toward coworkers and superiors.

  • The ability to convey concepts, ideas, and suggestions clearly.

The following are examples of poor communication skills:

  • Inability to issue orders that are transparent and succinct.

  • Unresponsiveness to questions from coworkers or incomplete answers.

  • Communication that contains typos, grammatical errors, or is incorrect.


Regardless of your status, you are directly or indirectly serving your customer base. Your employer will evaluate you in key customer service success areas, such as:

  • Interactions with customers that are courteous and competent.

  • Assuring that issues are dealt with rather than delegated.

  • Providing options or solutions to customers' concerns.

  • Customer expectations are met in a timely manner.

  • The corporation is well represented.

Poor customer service skills you might be called out for include:

  • Customer service response time is slow.

  • Inability to provide solutions.

  • Bad showing empathy or comprehension.

  • Unwillingness to work professionally with clients, as well as outbursts of anger or annoyance while dealing with issues.


During an assessment, primary performance metrics specifically related to your particular job functions will be evaluated, but this field will vary depending on your position and responsibilities. The following are examples of key performance indicators:

  • Timeliness

  • Attention to detail.

  • Creativity and innovation.

  • Good time management.

  • Ability to perform in all key areas of role.

  • Consistency

  • Initiative

Employers would also evaluate whether you reached pre- determined targets in the time between appraisals. These are normally unique to your job role and can range from learning a new software application to leading a team effort or reaching an income goal.


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